Derevo + iLink Digital Partnership
Derevo now goes global!

We are very proud to share with you that one of our main objectives is now a reality, Derevo evolves and becomes a global company. The great work that our team has done over the last 12 years, as well as the close and successful relationship with our clients, has given us the possibility to enter into a strategic alliance with iLink Digital, a business group with international reach.

release the power of data

We empower companies and individuals to unlock the value of data in their organizations. We do it through the implementation of analytics platforms and processes, with an approach that covers the full cycle they need in order to achieve it.
Full-Cycle Analytics.

We empower companies and individuals to unlock the value of data in their organizations. We do it through the implementation of analytics platforms and processes, with an approach that covers the full cycle they need in order to achieve it.
Full-Cycle Analytics.

+ 10 years

Boosting your analytical initiatives in a near shore schema.

Building Analytical Platforms, Services & Experiences that transform the way your company uses data.

We are partners of the best platforms for Data Integration, Data Analytics and Data Science.

With this combination we make the most disruptive ideas come to life.

We win through our clients' success
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Nearshore like you've never seen it before

Our projects are developed with global teams focused on generating sustainable value for our clients.
  • Solve your immediate requirements
    with analytics strategy created just for you.
  • Best location for nearshore,
    time zone and direct flights to the principal cities In the US and Canada.
  • Best rates for analytics
    with our certified consultants.
  • Our team of experts
    is always available for our clients on site.
  • Sales and executive team
    in specific locations in the US.
  • Cultural affinity
    that makes things easier and more efficient.
  • Data Creation
    • Transactional platforms for data capture and creation
    • Digitalization
    • Digital transformation
    • Process modernization with a focus on the user and data
  • Data Integration
    • Integration of sources regardless of their location
    • Creation, modeling, automation
    • Data warehouse
    • Data Lakes
    • Data Lokehouse
    • Scrapping
    • Robotization
    • Integration with APIs
    • Agnostics in ETL
    • Data governance from the integrating process
  • Data Analytics
    • Exploitation of analytics to achieve business objectives
    • End-user focused development
    • Guided analysis
    • Self-service
    • Advanced analytics and data science
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Machine learning
  • Data Sharing
    • Decision operationalization and automation
    • Inter-system communication between analytical and transactional
    • Create actionable predictive insights
  • Data Culture
    • Data Culture Methodologies
    • Encourage the use of data for decision making and in day-to-day business
    • Communicate effectively with data


Data Integration
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Data Analytics
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Data Science
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Hosting Services
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Creating an impact.

Successful Stories

"To take the analytical strategy of a company in an integrated way, with the guideline created by our stakeholders to reach from sales representatives to top management."
CFO - Gabriel Bourgoing
"Global projects, governed in the right way, with cloud architecture that generates Insights for our decision making."
Global Manager Data & Analytics - Onesimo Urgell
"Setting the showcase for all corporate with our Qlik projects by integrating our different platforms into a single web site."
IT Business Manager LATAM - Marco Tello
"With Business Intelligence and Machine Learning projects we will change the way HSBC's Data Center operates."
CIO - Leopoldo Murillo
"Websites for our suppliers, branches and Customers for decision making that will turn us into a data-democratized company."
IT Director - Sergio Garcia
"Always generating innovation and value for decision making with the evolution of Qlik for the last 8 years."
CIO - Leopoldo Murillo

How we do it?

We get to know your business:
Your philosophy, motivations and major pains. Only then, tailoring result driven solutions.
Our 3-phase methodology converts natural resistance to change into excitement.

Full-Cycle Analytics


Creative Lab

Our business creative specialists dedicated to guide the solution designing process

  • Business Discovery Workshop
  • Discovery Process
  • Data Science On Demand
  • R & D
  • UX / UI


Our expert team, processes and methodologies to make the solution a reality

  • Projects
  • Outsourcing
  • Near Shore
  • Off Shore
  • Agile

Continuous Operation

How do you want to deliver the solution? we provide a lot of options!

  • Business Intelligence As A Service
  • Data Science As A Service
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Hypercare
  • Support