Data Integration

The revamping of the data strategy to cloud architectures brings immediate benefits to companies, where you will be able to support high volume, have automated pipelines, make a correct cataloging of data sources and indicators in different departments as well as have a visual platform that can provide data governance in a simpler way.

Whether in a Datawarehouse, DataLake or Lakehouse strategy, - we will give you the best for your company according to your needs, the maturity of the data, and its processes.​​

Having the required data from different data sources in an automated way, applying scraping techniques or process robotization will help you have external information that will be important for future analysis; in addition to being able to apply machine learning techniques in real time.​

We have assessment programs that can help you get the best recommendation of which technology is optimal for your company, along with an implementation plan that can give you short-term cost benefits over traditional OnPremise architectures.

Area expert profiles

  • Data Engineer​
  • Data Architect​
  • Team Lead​
  • Documentador DevOps​
  • SysAdmin​

Do you know which technology is the most adequate for your company?

We would love to collaborate on the creation of your Data Success Roadmap

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