How will be your life in Derevo?

  • WellnessWe care about your well-being. That’s why we promote personal, professional, and financial balance alongside our benefits and wellness programs.
  • Being Human is Our Super PowerWe prioritize talent and human interaction. In Derevo, you won’t hear about gender parity or specific rights because, as a fundamental principle, all of us are equal.
  • Together in the distanceWe are a fully remote team. You will choose your secure work location, while we provide you with the necessary equipment and tools to facilitate your operations and communication.
  • Let’s release your powerYou will have the opportunity to specialize in different areas and technologies, achieving interdisciplinary development. We will encourage you to set new challenges for yourself and surpass your limits.
  • We grow togetherYou will participate in cutting-edge technological projects and collaborate with foreign teams.
  • We create new thingsWe like to think outside the box. You will have the space, trust, and freedom to create, along with the necessary training to succeed at Derevo.

What do Derevians have to say?

Since I heard about Derevo, I became very interested in everything they do and how they've grown. There's a very positive vibe, the projects are highly challenging and motivate you to keep learning. They are focused on their employees and creating a great human experience and user experience with clients. It's a growing company, and I would like to continue contributing for a long time.

Lizet Discovery Manager

Derevo is a company that is growing impressively in one of the areas many of us wish to explore, in addition to being a company that provides all the facilities and opportunities to learn and grow.

Mayra Data Engineer Jr

I got to know Derevo years ago, and the company seemed very interesting to me, especially its data projects. Later, I joined Derevo as a Product Owner, and now, in my role as Lead Strategic Accounts, I have every opportunity to work on data projects alongside a great team. Derevo strives to value its people as the most precious asset, is full of challenges, and has open doors for you to dedicate yourself to what you love.

Francisco Lead Strategic Accounts

Find your Team

  • Creative Lab

    We are a group of creative individuals driven by curiosity who love to ask questions and solve complex challenges by experimenting and trying different outcomes until we find the best solution. We care about businesses by focusing on people and their needs.

  • Technology

    Innovation and the creation of the non-existent run through your veins. You will investigate and develop disruptive dreams, turning them into reality to offer them to our customers.

  • Data Operations

    If you enjoy creating things that make life easier with the push of a button, Data Operations is the place for you. We need your skills to achieve automation in our projects.

  • Finance and Administration

    The difficult becomes easy when the right strategies are created. If you have a financial vision, administrative skills, and a customer service affinity, this department is for you.

  • Talent

    You will use your deductive skills, powers of observation, and ingenuity to achieve what you set out to do: attract the best talent and do whatever is necessary to ensure that they will be in the right place.

  • Infrastructure & Cloud

    We don't settle for what we know; here, you will always push your limits, especially when it comes to ensuring that services, both physical and in the cloud, are ready to achieve the impossible.

  • People

    If you enjoy engaging with different areas, influencing and collaborating in team growth, as well as, assisting leaders in connecting with the best talent, supporting their development, and creating effective strategies for the organization, then People is the place for you.

  • Data Science

    Who wouldn't want to know the future? You will leverage your ability to analyze multiple future scenarios and create predictive analytics solutions through AI, Machine Learning, Probability, and Statistics.

  • Data Integration

    If you are analytical and love programming to solve problems related to data consumption, transformation, and delivery, then Data Integration is the place for you.

  • Customer Success

    Every team needs a guide and people who help us improve what we do. You will collaborate with the client and the team to achieve the success of the projects we work on.

  • Data Analytics

    You will make sense of the information chaos, simplifying complex problems so that our clients can make data-driven decisions, helping to improve their businesses.

  • Sales & Marketing

    We go beyond a sale; you will create opportunities for our clients with business strategies that address their needs.

Are you a student looking for opportunities to learn?

We have internships and professional practice agreements with some universities within the country for various fields.

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