Derevo is a Snowflake licensing and services partner. We create solutions that help reduce data load processing time, reduce infrastructure costs, or simply modernize your cloud architecture among other benefits that can be achieved with Snowflake.

We can help you with the setup and configuration of your Snowflake tenant and connection to your data sources, estimate the consumption of the credits you require annually with Snowflake, as well as expert services for the implementation of your project.

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Our experience

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Industry experts: Retail, Consumer Products and Pharmaceuticals.

We have accelerators to make your implementation faster

  • Discovery Process: We define your project strategy in only 3 weeks.
  • DWH (Data Warehouse) migration projects to the cloud with Snowflake.
  • Enabling Market Place with Snowflake.
  • Healthcheck Process and Centers of Excellence.
  • Possibilities of Machine Learning projects with Snowpark.
  • Share your internal or external corporate data with Data Share.

Case studies

  • bread factory

    DataLake Job Postings (Qlik Sense Script Migration)

    Education Sector

    For a company that gives higher education institutions the analytical tools to decide when to start, stop, keep, or grow their academic programs in accordance with the job positions that exist in various websites (Job Postings) that are automatically downloaded through scrapping techniques for each county in the United States, a semantic layer was developed in Snowflake. With a contemporary architecture in the cloud ready to supply information to their analytical dashboards produced in Qlik Sense, it has been feasible to minimize information reload times from 11 hours to only 2 hours while processing more than 3 billion data.

  • laboratory

    Financial, Commercial and Operational Dashboard

    Healthcare Industry

    The data strategy was created with a semantic intermediate layer and snowflake to centralize the data from all dental clinical branches that were stored in Odoo and PostgressSQL. Tableau dashboards were created for the operational business areas (appointment monitoring, type of diagnosis, patient waiting times, etc.), commercial indicators (revenue by specialty, treatment, branch, etc.), and financial dashboards to have their income statement reports at both corporate and branch levels.

Do you want to implement Snowflake?

In order to help you estimate your implementation and consumption of Snowflake subscriptions and the different components required to make your cloud analytics strategy.

  • database How big are your data sources?
  • a hand holding light bulb What kind of problems do you want to solve by using the cloud (transformation time, processing, costs, etc...)?

These types of factors directly impact the investment required and we will help you reach your best-case scenario.

In addition, by having us as your Snowflake provider, Derevo will give you annual support included at no extra cost.*

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