Data Creation

Our web development division -expert in data platforms,- will help you to replace your manual processes to data capture platforms following digital transformation and digitalization processes that require this type of practices.

The data required for decision making must have a standardized, secure, reliable and robust origin. That is why many of the projects require solutions that involve the creation of this type of platforms that often complement the information that is in the transactional ERP / CRM / Legacy systems.​

Through agile development methodologies such as SCRUM or DevOps, our customers ensure continuous releases to production and use the different expert profiles at the time they are required. They are guided by a Team Lead and a Solution Architect to ensure a modern platform that will be their solution for several years for their requirements, with the possibility of continuing to increase its functionality as their internal processes change.

This is the first step that sometimes has to be taken to build the information that will later become the indicators that will help you in your decision making in the future.

Area expert profiles

  • Front End​
  • Back End​​
  • Full Stack​​
  • DBA​​
  • SysAdmin​​
  • Solution Architect​​
  • QA​

Do you know which technology is the most adequate for your company?

We would love to collaborate on the creation of your Data Success Roadmap

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