Derevo & iLink Partnership

Derevo now goes global!

We are very proud to share with you that one of our main objectives is now a reality, Derevo evolves and becomes a global company. The great work that our team has done over the last 12 years, as well as the close and successful relationship with our clients, has given us the possibility to enter into a strategic alliance with iLink Digital, a business group with international reach.

With presence in America, Europe and Asia, iLink Digital is a conglomerate of companies dedicated to support enterprise companies in the implementation of technology projects that include digital transformation, IoT, data architecture and analytics modernization projects, artificial intelligence, infrastructure and licensing, among other specialties.

Derevo is integrated as a fundamental part of its data strategy, adding our practices, knowledge, and Mexican flavor to the broad portfolio that iLink offers.

Due to this alliance, we continue and strengthen our commitment to provide our clients with innovative and disruptive ways to generate value for their organizations through projects with high returns on investment, always based on technologies and concepts that set the course.

We are very happy and proud because the constant desire to make a difference is in our nature, to get deeply involved with our customers and today, with the support of iLink, we can go much further, geographically and technologically, accompanying them not only in their data and analytics initiatives, but in new and challenging projects of much more scope and impact.

Today, Derevo is ready to go to the next level with each of the companies we collaborate with and with those ones looking for a partner that can support and build upon their global business technology strategies.

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